I Believe That

I believe people often underestimate the cure of a positive attitude. Continue reading I Believe That


5 Problems With Becoming A Car Enthusiast

Becoming a car enthusiast is like any other addiction, except their is no cure for this one. In this blog I will give you my top 5 problems that you should consider before hitting the pipe. By hitting the pipe I mean you trying to knock your exhaust pipe off so you can install that sweet ass aftermarket piece you just spent all of your savings on because you have a problem you can’t control. Continue reading 5 Problems With Becoming A Car Enthusiast

2013 Nissan 370z Review

With an A/C that only blows hot when set to 90F and a female model that thinks the Z is cute enough to take pictures next to, I would have to say the Z is a winner in my book. Sure the engine could use a tad bit more power to keep up with the times and the interior could use a solid refresh, not much matters when you take a moment to just appreciate the timelessness of this car. Continue reading 2013 Nissan 370z Review