I Believe That


I believe people often underestimate the cure of a positive attitude.

I believe that the grass is greener if you add more green paint.

I believe that sorry situations lead to a happy ending if self allowed.

I believe that the glass is half full if you brought another bottle.

I believe that faith grows on the highest mountains of your subconscious.

I believe that dark tunnels can be lit if you are the light.

I believe that you can build a life worth living if you believe in a life worth believing in.

I believe that your trust is a bond only broken if you treat it like glass.

I believe that compassion is a gift given to the blind.

I believe that the blind are not blind but you are.

I believe that if you are hateful then absence will never be absent.

I believe that a relationship is bonded by gravity only if you are big enough.

I believe that anger can subside if the evidence of time is abundant.

I believe that suppressing emotions can invigorate an ignorant spirit.

I believe that prosperity can only occur if you’re willing to open the door.

I believe that the universe will always be in your favor if you allow yourself to align.

I believe that time is of the essence if you are doing something essential for time.

I believe that a good listener can often be a mislead leader if the speaker never listened.

I believe that a relationship can never be coherent if the couple isn’t co hearing.

I believe that your intentions are more valuable than your actions.

I believe that you are only making the wrong choice if you have other choices.

I believe that intuition is only intuitive if you trust yourself.

I believe that equality is only as equal as majority allows it to be.

I believe that loving yourself is more systematic than we our taught.

I believe that risk is only risky if you never risk risking.

I believe that devolution is the result of a failed community.

I believe that your time is only well spent if you know how to spend correctly.

I believe that self confidence is incidental if not well protected from others opinions.

I believe that patience is most commonly found from people who received the least.

I believe that the poor are richer in ways that the rich cannot obtain.

I believe that consistency is temporary.

I believe that darkness only exist because light has yet to reach it.

I believe that a close knit family is profound in finding unity within ones self.






I believe that…



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