5 Things To Know Before Dating An Entrepreneur

Dating an entrepreneur is more than honestly a challenge. I will go over things I have noticed that make it difficult to date someone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Dress For Success


1. We Can Be Very Scattered Yet Incredibly Focused

I know from first hand experience that I can be both scattered and focused. Sometimes this can make things difficult for someones partner to determine what kind of person they are actually dating. When we have an idea in our head it is very common for us to completely shut out any type of entertainment we usually enjoy doing. Because of this sometimes we forget how important dates, movie nights, and going out are to the person we are with. We literally can spend days, weeks, or even months on the goal we are trying to reach. The one thing that can make this situation even worse is when we start to become scattered. We constantly have so many new ideas in our head that it can be overwhelming to our partner and it can make them feel as though we are unable to concentrate on anything at all. To be honest we actually are neither highly focused or scattered we just thrive on the thought of success and become unable to concentrate appropriately until we achieve success.


Stress Is A Commanality

2. We Are Always Stressed, Even If We Don’t Show It

Entrepreneurs are permanently stressed. If we actually express to our partner how stressed we are it is only because we have reached our breaking point of holding it in. About 90% of our day is constantly thinking about how we can become successful, worrying about what business idea will work best, or feeling doubtful about our own potential.  Sometimes this can be annoying or worry sum to our partner but just know you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. A healthy tip if you are dating an entrepreneur; be sure to talk to them about new ideas or ask them about their stress. We don’t always enjoy bringing it up first because we know how agitating we can be.


We Run From Jobs


3. We HATE Working For Others

Please do not judge us for finding a job and then quitting almost immediately. This may seem unfair (and it is) but it is in our nature to hate working for other people. We do not like to be told what to do, we do not like knowing that we will never be CEO, and we hate having to try and enjoy every second off we actually have because we know we have to go back to work the next day.

When working for other people and businesses entrepreneurs feel as though we are simply wasting time. We will absolutely love a boss that can be mentor (and we have no problem learning from them) but we will never feel 100% complete within ourselves knowing that we are only making someone else more wealthy. We believe that 9-5 is for the weak and those lacking in ambition. *Note, this next two sentences are highly important.*        Try to look at this in a positive perspective. Your partner is not a quitter, he/ she is a natural born leader.



4. We Thrive On Adrenaline

Entrepreneurs work best when we are doing something risky or slightly dangerous. In some strange way it helps to kick start our brains. I believe that starting any business or investment holds some sort of risk to it and this may correlate with why we enjoy engaging in adrenaline filled activities. So sometimes you may find us driving well over the speed limit, wanting to climb mountains, or even wanting to attempt skydiving. Bare in mind that we are not dangerous people, we just simply need a way to help boost our brain activity.

Final Freedom


5. Wait It Out. You Won’t Be Disappointed

No we are not in corporate offices. No we are not lawyers. No we most certainly are not  doctors. The richest people on this planet are not either. The richest people on this planet are entrepreneurs who do more than just a simple job, they change the world.

Some of us may be successful more quickly than others but if you are dating someone who is an entrepreneur and not a millionaire over night, I can assure you, the best decision you will ever make is to just sit back, and wait it out. The greatest accomplishments in life take time for growth.

One last tip, while you are waiting for them do not cut them down with negativity, because when they finally do become a millionaire, they will remember every little detail in your lack of support.

Good luck dating an entrepreneur.





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