5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Car Guy

If you are a female who is uninterested in the car scene then you may want to read this before making the decision to date a car guy. If you are a female that is already dating a car guy, then please, smile and relate.

The Competition

1. You WILL Feel Like You Are Competing For His Love

First and foremost you will absolutely without a shadow of a doubt feel as though he has two girlfriends. One is you. One is his car. We love our cars just as much as we love you.

For as many times we buy you a gift or take you out on dates we will be doing the same for our cars. The wash our car to take you on a date ratio will flawlessly be 3:1. We enjoy buying you gifts almost as much as we love buying car parts. Please don’t be offended by this, it is just the fact that our cars don’t yell at us so we feel obligated to treat them to a nice wash, minimum three times per week.

I hope you can understand.



2. We WILL Take More Pictures Of Our Cars Than We Will You

Ladies, we know how much you love to take cute pictures with your boyfriends and put them on social media, but unfortunately, we cannot share this commonality. The amount of pictures we will take of our cars can be a bit ridiculous but not as ridiculous as how we meticulously try to get every picture to look perfect. I know that I personally have hundreds of pictures of my car alone saved to my phone.

Their will also be times where we may scare you as we shout in utter excitement when we see one of favorite cars out in public. You can also rest assured that we will stop to take as many pictures of that car (as our phones memory can hold) from every different angle. I know you ladies can relate to getting just the right angle, so this part of the blog shouldn’t be a misunderstanding.

It really doesn’t matter how much of a rush we are in to get to our destination, if we see a car we love, then time is no longer of the essence.


What Girl?


3. We Aren’t Looking At Her

Sure it is cool to have a girl model for cars, but rest assured, 90% of the time we are looking at the car and not her. I have even seen guys comment on pictures of girls modeling for cars saying, ‘Can she please move so I can see the car’. Now this in no way means that we are not interested in the girl, but when we are in car mode cars tend to be the only thing we are thinking about. We just typically look at whatever has the most curves and cars generally have more. Curves for the win!


Superfly 2016, Kent Ohio


4. Car Events! Car Meets! Car Shows!

We live for this. Car events, meets, shows, hell it doesn’t matter what you call them, as long as they involve cars we will always want to go and attend. Plan on spending endless hours among endless days spending time at such events. I feel like car meets are natures way at getting back to all the hours we as men have to spend following our girlfriends aimlessly around malls and shopping centers.

At these car meets you will see a completely different side to your boyfriend. You will see him talk in the most excited manner, argue over things you probably not understand, and use words that most certainly cannot be found in a dictionary. You will also hear us often have sexually oriented conversation, but have no fear, it will (usually) relate to cars. This is our time where we literally begin speaking in code so I highly recommend learning basic jargon such as JDM, 2JZ, VQ37VHR, Turbo, and Coyote motor. Knowing these simple words can help decipher about 3% of what we are actually discussing.


6 Speed


5. Learn How To Drive Stick

Nothing is a bigger turn on for a car guy then a girlfriend that can drive a manual transmission. When we look at a girl who is only a 6 out of 10 then I can guarantee if we find out she can drive stick she will immediately go from a 6 to an 8. Knowing how to drive stick is not a necessity when you first begin dating a car guy but I can assure you after a few months it will be an essential know how. Having a girlfriend that can bang through gears is an excellent opportunity for guys to show off their partner.

Basically girls, the more you know about cars and interact at events, the more attractive you become.

Lastly. Their is literally nothing worse than a smoking hot girl at a car meet that knows ZERO about cars yet they constantly run their mouths about how their boyfriends V4 Chevy Mustang quad turbo is faster than your car.

Featured photo credit to IG @krystynalynn_photography






7 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Car Guy

  1. #5 is only true as long as the female is not more capable of driving a car with a manual transmission than the guys are; can drive a car to its full potential better than the guys can; or knows as much about cars as they do. When she exceeds these parameters, she officially becomes a threat to their ego and is shunned by these same guys who claim to want these characteristics in a female. Ask me how I know this is the way it really is….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ya true Kin I will give you that! But generally speaking I think more guys are ‘more’ capable drivers of stick than females are. But I am sure their are plenty of ladies that are better drivers than I am!


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