Everything The BRZ Needs



Maybe… Just Maybe… The BRZ Was A Mistake…

For 2017 Subaru has come out with a refreshed BRZ. Updates include more power (an incredible 5 to be exact), Brembo brakes, updated wheels and suspension, refreshed front fascia, wings for all models, headlights, and a TURBO! Just kidding… No turbo.

But why no turbo? I mean it makes sense… It’s the same reason why a 370z will never see a turbo (in a v6 motor), too keep the Z a slower car than a GT-R and a BRZ slower than a WRX. Correct me if I am wrong but a part of me believes these cars were made to boost scion sales and add an extra bit of money for Toyota and Subaru. The FRS is clearly the cheaper model that created a domino sales effect for Scion.

Anyway back on track…

brembo-brakesphoto credit: www.subaru.com

Brembo Brakes. Why?

Brembo’s work best for cars that go fast, are heavy, and need to stop immediately. Contrary to popular belief the BRZ is neither fast not heavy. Sure they look good but bigger, strong brakes don’t seem to be what the general consensus wants.

Along with brakes Subaru has also added the new G-Force gauge. Not that it isn’t a ‘cool’ idea but let’s be real here, tell me that this isn’t the best gimmick ever. I can see it now; teens buying this car spinning sick donuts in parking lots and smashing into other cars just to see who can hit the most G’s. Further more it just makes the car more confusing than it really is. Why put that kind of technology into such a cheap car? I’m not sure about anyone else but neither of these updates would sway me to purchase a BRZ and that is because of one reason and one alone… it needs more power… and a lot of it. More power means a turbo and a turbo is a no because of the WRX so instead of talking in circles why don’t we try to come up with a solution.

Subaru changes a number of parts within the motor and all they could come up with was a measly 5 horsepower. Something here just doesn’t seem right. A turbo is out and so is a different motor so they were on the right track upgrading engine parts but where they failed was by simply adding such a pathetic amount. And this isn’t me disregarding power to weight but with only 205 hp it’s just not enough. Even if this was 20 years ago that small amount of power is nothing to brag about. My first car was a 1999 Nissan Altima that produced similar numbers and that was an old family sedan!


2017-subari-brz-pic-3photo credit: www.carsclusive.com

Being A Car Enthusiast My Opinion Is Biased

Just personally (and many would agree) buying a sports car is a commitment. Most commonly in the car scene faster is better, which in my opinion, is the general consensus. So if you buy this sexy sports car that is incredibly unpractical, wouldn’t you want it to be fast… since yunno, that’s kind of the point. It’s almost like going to the gym but not trying to gain any strength, since the general reason for guys going to the gym is to get bigger. Sure not every car enthusiast just wants a fast car but if you are going to label it as a sports car I personally feel that being fast is at least near the top of the totem pole of importance. Sure you can argue that the car is made for corners and not just a straight line (and I agree) but then why not buy a car that can do both? Of course my Z isn’t the fastest in a straight line nor is it the fastest around corners but at least that was what they were trying to make the car do ‘stock’.

So let’s try this one more time Subaru. Forget the bigger brakes, don’t worry about making the car more technological, please for the love of all enthusiasts just make it faster. We really don’t care how you do it, just do it. The only people who won’t be happy are those who already bought WRX’s and are still upside down on their loan.



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