2013 Nissan 370z Review

370z white

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2013 Nissan 370Z

Essential Pros

  • Elegant Japanese Design
  • Strong V6 Power
  • High Quality Interior (on certain packages: Race Seats, Nav, Gauges etc)
  • Unique VVEL and S-Mode

Essential Cons

  • Performance Mods Expensive and Not as Responsive to Other Sports Cars
  • Clunky Clutch
  • Non Durable OEM Tires
  • Boring 1990’s like Radio For Base Models


Yes I Am Biased Because This Is My Car…

Yunno… I have always had a thing for 350/ 370z cars. Maybe it’s because of the cars elegant or fancy vertical door handles. Possibly it could be the blinking Z lights or the boy-racer gauges that face, you, the driver. Either way, it has many unique attractions quite similar to a theme park.

But over the course of the two years that I have owned this car Nissan really has me curious about somethings that they could have done differently with this fine automobile. For starters, the 350z consistently received additional horsepower over the course of it’s life. The 370z on the other hand has not seen a single bump in power during it’s already long lived seven years. I mean don’t get me wrong, the power delivery (at high rpm’s) is more than sufficiently exhilarating. But if Nissan plans to keep an N/A V6 motor, in today’s day in age, 300 and some change horsepower isn’t really cutting it. At least not for social media shit talkers.

A quick food for thought: Nintendo is made in Japan and their latest gaming system still refuses to have up to date graphics nor can it play DVD’s. It seems as if Nissan has taken after it’s relative and done the same with the Z car. But please, let me explain…

No power increase over seven years, an out of date stereo (for base and touring models), an exhaust so quiet you can hear a crickets obnoxious mating call in the distance, no fancy drive modes, not to mention that the new Maxima has a more badass steering wheel than the Z.

Now I know the stereo has changed, but not by much. Just for a moment in time let us take a look at the 1990’s retro looking stereo that I am rocking in a ‘2013’ car.


Nissan… Nissan… NISSAN! I know you can’t be serious right now! Sure it’s a sports car! Sure this is the least important part of the car! Sure it cost over $30k and… and… wait… wait a god damn second… 2013.. AND $30k… And THIS is what I get?       PERFECT

But enough with the negatives, why don’t we look at some of the positive things Nissan has done for us to justify it’s hefty price tag.

For starters the VVEL is wonderful and brilliant idea. For those that are unfamiliar with what VVEL is, it essentially forces a bunch ton of extra air down the cars throat so that power is more instantaneously available. It is either the VVEL or the gearing that made this car feel so much more raw and alive than the ’15 Mustang GT did that I test drove some months back. Sure the Mustang is faster (in a straight line… right?) but the Z car just lays down the power in such a pure enthusiast way  that I can’t help but to mash the throttle every chance I get.

Another positive that has been (insert old ass Eminem reference here—>) beat down, chewed up, spit out, and booed off stage, is the cars S-Mode. If you are the poor rare individual that still has not heard of Synchro Rev Match then here is your chance. S-Mode, when engaged) is when the cars throttle is automatically blipped north bound when the car downshifts (or upshfits). For example, if you are on the freeway and you want to go fast but are too stupid to know how to rev match, you simply press S-Mode, clutch to the floor, downshift, and before you release the clutch the rpm’s with automatically rev up appropriately to match the cars engine speed. Once you release the clutch you will be left enthused with a perfect downshift!

The rear tires are also nice and fat for it’s class 275/35R19. No the OEM tires don’t last long enough to make it home from the dealership but the amount of grip makes you feel as though you are driving a much more track ready vehicle.

And lastly I must mention something that always seems to be forgotten in car reviews. That is, the pure beauty of the Z car. For 30k I really cannot think of a better looking car. Now I know that this is purely an opinion although I don’t see how it can argued that this is on of the best looking rides for the price. It is sleek, sharp, round, thin, fat, sporty, elegant, inspirational, and everything looks wise that your everyday Mustang/ Camaro isn’t. The fact that for every one hundred Mustangs I see I only see one or two Z’s make the car feel more… exotic. Let’s face it, if every car on the road was a Lambo then Lambo’s just would give you that same rush every time you saw one. The same goes for the rarity of the 370z.


So What’s The Verdict…?

With an A/C that only blows hot when set to 90F and a female model that thinks the Z is cute enough to take pictures next to, I would have to say the Z is a winner in my book. Sure the engine could use a tad bit more power to keep up with the times and the interior could use a solid refresh, not much matters when you take a moment to just appreciate the timelessness of this car.



A special thanks to @krystynalynn_photography for the pictures!

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